Our Mission

The liberation of society and nature from the growth imperative is possible only when intergenerational equity is established by subjugating private interests to that of the community. We believe that indigenous ecological ethic contains the seed of subversion of the hegemony of developmentality.


A Brief Introduction

Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS) was established in 1993 with a view to establishing a forum for public discourse across various disciplines of knowledge. For the first 4 years, CIS conducted a series of formal and informal seminars on diverse topics – ranging from film theory to pentatonic music, from sociobiology to the politics of population, from Third World medicine to conservation biology – in the city of Kolkata, involving eminent scholars and students.

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Basudha’s Lab Opened for Conservation

August 26, 2014August 26, 2014
Basudha's Biotechnology Laboratory for Conservation opened in Kolkata on 12 August 2014. The lab is sponsored by Siddha Community Foundation, is established with the explicit aim to promoting conservation of the country's biological heritage. This lab is engaged in molecular biological study of folk rice varieties, and tissue culture of critically endangered plants, to promote their conservation for the benefit of the local communities. This is the only lab in the country where scientists do not receive any salary/ emoluments. This is also the country's only biotechnology lab that runs on donations from individual friends and a non-profit foundation, and is entirely aimed at biodiversity conservation. Read report in Times of India (New Delhi/Kolkata) 13 August.   [Download pdf] 

Deb’s Interview in Agriculture Today

June 21, 2014June 21, 2014
Agriculture Today June 2014 carries Deb’s interview on agriculture policy of India:

GM-Free India holds Anti-GMO conference at Ludhiana

June 21, 2014

GM-Free India held an anti-GMO conference in Ludhiana. Dr. Vandana Shiva of RFSTE, Dr. Debal Deb of BASUDHA and Rajesh of GM-Free India spoke on diverse aspects of GMO in agriculture.

Deb talks at Patiala Engineering University

June 21, 2014
Deb gave an invited talk on Uncertainties & Imprecisions in Genetic Engineering at University College of Engineering, Patiala. The talk was delivered before the faculty and researchers of the university.

National Seed Savers’ Meet held in New Delhi

June 21, 2014
National Seed Savers' Meet was organized by ASHA in New Delhi on March 7 and 8. Seed savers discussed on the documentation and IPR issue of folk crop varieties.